Loving Heart was formed in 2004 to serve vulnerable families in Jurong. We aspire to meet emerging gaps in social services through our strong network of partnerships, targeting the youth-at-risk and the elderly. Our flagship programmes include Pupil Breakfast Scheme, STAMP (student mentoring), Free Tuition, Free TCM and Food Gift Distribution.

The social service ecosystem is much denser than a decade ago, yet the community’s needs have grown increasingly complex. Many families struggle to cope with the accelerating changes driven by the pandemic, such as digitization and online learning, and the family unit is coming under pressure. Social service agencies have to partner with schools and government agencies to support families and youth to help them bounce back from challenges. Loving Heart can be an effective bridge between our partners and beneficiaries through its strong roots in the community.

Loving Heart has undergone a transformation process to rejuvenate our programmes. We have launched several new initiatives in partnership with the community. We recently rolled out the RISE programme across multiple locations in Jurong. RISE is a student enrichment programme in partnership with the School of Concepts. In collaboration with Baring Private Equity Asia, we will be implementing Project Journey for You to support 400 lower-income households in Jurong. Our Free TCM services expanded to Nanyang through a mobile clinic format in partnership with Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society. We are investing further in centre-based programmes for the youth segment, piloting a Game-Based Learning programme in partnership with SCOGA.

I express my deepest gratitude to our advisors, donors, volunteers and partners for their steadfast and unflinching support. Your years of support enabled Loving Heart to increase our programme spending in 2019-20, invest in our staff capabilities and sustain our ground-up initiatives despite a highly challenging period for fund-raising.

I look forward to continuing our journey with the support of the board, staff , volunteers and our honourable advisors and patrons.

Karthik Sankaran