Ms Aisah (not her real name) lost her job amid an emotionally draining divorce, suffered from breast cancer and other health ailments during her pregnancy. Loving Heart (Jurong) was one of the critical community agencies that stepped forward to manage her case. Aside from providing emotional support, we also provided her with food, household items and children’s necessities. We also worked closely with community agencies to ensure she received holistic support until her family stabilizes.

She has since given birth to a healthy baby and is recovering steadily. Many families like Ms Aisah’s are facing challenges from economic disruption and COVID-19. Our assistance and services are catered to help residents cope with unforeseen circumstances, such as sudden unemployment or illness.

Together with partners including other Social Service Agencies and organizations, we helped vulnerable residents by playing a role in co-managing their applications for aid in financial assistance, counselling services and employment opportunities. Some of our partners include:


Cases Managed