Sports/Skills, Tuition and Mentoring Programme

Since 2006, STAMP has made a difference to many at-risk students who come from vulnerable and difficult family backgrounds, who require greater attention and engagement after school. Schools recommend participating students in accordance to the given criteria.

Through the 3 components we aim to groom well- rounded individuals who are confident and
socially responsible. Combined, these components develop students holistically – academically, physically, and emotionally. We hope to impart the knowledge of social responsibility in a fun and enjoyable manner to keep students engaged.






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Schools will select sport/skills based on the interests of the targeted student group. Schools are advised to select sports/skills that are not already existing extracurricular activities in their school, such that these sessions would be special and exclusive to students of the STAMP. Sports/skills sessions are conducted by trained professionals within their field of expertise. These sessions provide students a chance to learn additional skills based on their interest.


Loving Heart also supports students academically through tuition sessions are conducted by professional and experienced tutors. The tutors provide additional academic support to students to strengthen the concepts they have learnt in class. Tutors also pay extra attention and cater to students who may not be able to keep up with their class during lessons.


The mentoring programme has been enhanced to include trained professionals in the field of mentoring, since 2019. These programmes are catered to the specific needs of students in school. The mentoring sessions aim to emphasize values or mindsets that schools are advocating.

Mentoring sessions that are conducted by Loving Heart include ice-breaking games, group discussions and sharing sessions. The sessions are based on over-arching themes that aim to cultivate traits like leadership, good communication and social skills/responsibility.

Ultimately, we hope that students would be able to open up to the mentors and have an enriching experience through fun activities with their peers.